When will it stop? :(

by CC

Hi, I'm 29. I have three daughters. My youngest is 10 months. Two c-sections and a tubal. I suffered from heartburn during my pregnancies. That's the only time.

Tuesday evening I had a pain start in the center of my abdomen. By 4 am, wed morning, I was in so much pain, I couldn't sleep. The pain was a burning, sharp pain that went to my back, and also to the right side under my ribs. During the day wed, I was sore, as if someone had reached in and tugged on my insides. When I would take a deep breath, it hurt. I was burping, gassy, bloated. Thursday morning I went to the er. I had a little bit of heartburn. Xrays were done, bloodwork, and a urinalysis. I was told it's biliary colic and constipation on the right side. It's Friday evening, and I'm still sore and occasionally having a sharp pain in the center. Everything I read about biliary colic says "hours at the most", not days. I just don't know.

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