what do my symtptoms means ?

by laura

hi there, ive been having alot of abdominal and back problems that have incresed over the years.

( blood tests, urine tests, stool tests and an ultrasound have bben clear??)

symptoms started the end of 2008.
round this time and months before i was abusive with alcohol and some drugs. i also was addicted to energy drinks( drinking upto 7 a day)

over the years the pains and discomfort has progressed. my energy levels are low, i have disturped sleeping intervals and im always tired( feeling like not slept)
exhausting plays from day to day sometimes more than others, but always feel drained.

i have been suffering from nose bleeds quite often now and headaches.
bloated and swollen feeling over most of my body.

cold shakes tend to be rather sore followed by like a burning sensations through legs and arms.

it goes on, but is there anything you can suggest or any more info you need for diagonosis???

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