Was it Omental Infarction

by Lizz

I was driving my car sitting in one spot for over an hour in heavy traffic,
after getting out of my car within five minutes I started getting a pain right over my
right rib cage down to the middle of my stomach and within 24 hours I could barely walk.

The pain was just the worst I have ever had, would sooner give birth again!!

By the next day I could not turn, walk and hardly breath for the pain in my right side I could barely touch my stomach even my skin hurt.

I was taken to hospital and given morphine and a CT with contrast, all my blood and urine tests were normal but the CT scan showed and area of fat stranding around the transverse colon.

After three days of antibiotics the pain subsided and a week later i only had a brief and small spot
of pain.

I am not a big eater nor do I smoke drink or do excessive exercise so I am a loss as to what caused it, and apart from being in the same position driving for an hour or so and then suddenly getting out lifting up my bags I have no idea why i got it, but believe me when I say that the pain was just horrendous.

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