Upper Stomach Pain

by Pauline

I have had severe upper stomach and back and rib cramps for 5 months.

I (eventually) was sent for an endoscopy which showed massive inflammation, ulcers (plural) and a hiatus hernia.

My g.p. has treated me with Omeprazole then Lansoprazole and now Ranitidine, for pain relief Co Codamol or Paracetamol, but I am in constant pain and just so frustrated.

At the endoscopy 3 biopsies were taken for which the results are not yet forthcoming. I stand bent on account of the discomfort, I cannot walk far as the mere movement is reflected in more 'core' discomfort.

Is there anyone who can help me or offer advise? I feel I'm just banging my head against a brick wall and not getting anywhere.

I am unable to eat a proper diet and my sleep is disrupted on account of the pain. I am 60 years old.

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