upper stomach episodes about once a month for the past four or five months

by Serena

I have been experiencing upper stomach episodes about once a month for the past four or five months.

For most of the episodes I can recall waking up with a dull stomach ache that gradually turns in to a gnawing pain located in the very middle of my upper stomach.

All of the episodes made me vomit severely, while only some of the episodes included diarrhea. The episodes last around 12 hours and I can not hold down any food or fluids.

After vomiting I feel relief but only for a short time. I initially thought that alcohol was a common factor leading to the episodes, but after I stopped drinking (which only ever occurred on the occasional weekend anyway), I still continued to have another episode.

The most recent episode occurred on a Monday, which is when almost all of my episodes have happened, following the weekend. The previous Saturday I had some drinks, but woke up feeling OK on Sunday.

Sunday I did over eat a bit and took some Ibuprofen for a headache that night before bed. Then Monday morning I awoke with the slight stomach ache that turned into another episode.

During the most recent episode I also had a lot of back pain in the middle, lower portion, but I also have the stay hunched over from the stomach pains (which could be a cause).

The pains range in severity but do not completely go away for at least 12 hours. I have to end up sleeping and waking to finally feel completely better. I went to the ER during one of the episodes but no tests were ran except for a blood and urine test. I believe the blood test was mostly normal, and the urine test indicated a urinary tract infection, but I was having no symptoms.

I have since had an upper GI endoscopy which showed nothing, though I am waiting on the biopsy results. I am also set to have an ultra sound of my gallbladder.

The night before I awoke to the pain, I had no real symptoms but some minor gas. Just some history: I had stomach problems as a child and was diagnosed with nervous stomach.

I also had something when I was younger that I remember being called a 'copy of a parasite' that made me have stomach flu symptoms about once every month or so. I had a kidney stone a few years back. I also have somewhat frequent constipation but do take fiber daily for it.

I take Ibuprofen or Tylenol (whichever is available) for occasional headaches. I have been on the birth control Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo now for about 6 years.

I am a female, currently 23 years old, 5'3, and weighing about 120lbs. I don't eat a lot of red meats, and mostly stick to chicken and seafood. I try to maintain a decent diet as well.

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