Upper right quadrant pain started at 17 years old suffering for 20 years

Upper right quadrant pain started at 17 years old.

The pain usually occurs after a stressful event or after eating.

However, I have found no certain food stimulates the PAIN. Sharp to dull pain that feel like acid reflux, indigestion, heartburn and gas all at the same time.

The pain starts 3-4 hours after eating.

This has occurred after eating something as simple as a boiled egg and dry toast to of course pizza. I have found bacon can do me in.

The pain last for about 6-8 hours. During this time I literally overdose on gas-x, acid reducers and tums with little to no relief. I have had an upper GI, showing a "small irritation in the lining of the stomach." I was put on Protonix. I took this for 6 months.

I have blood work and a ultrasound performed that revealed nothing. This work was performed through the gastro docs office. I have never went to the hospital for the pain. Recently (last 5 months) I have has female issues. Severe cramps (which I have had since 13 years old) and rectal discomfort with intercourse.

I have taken ibuprofen for years for the cramps. I've been to the GYN and they wanted to put me on BC pills. However, the hormones are too much for me.

They think I may have endometriosis and wanted to put me into menopause to see if that relieved the painful periods. I decided not to go that route again due to the hormones.

I sit here in pain right now and am debating on going to the hospital because the docs can never find anything when I go in AFTER an attack.

I would like to get this checked out while having an attack. But of course I just graduated from college and am working a whole 16 hours a week with no insurance.

So I'm debating is my health more important than the hospital bill??

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