upper right abdominal pains

by owen ngwenya

I have upper right abdominal pains which started after l experienced seizure like attacks.It comes in a sharp piercing pain from my back radiating to the front just below the sternum. l feel it more if l lie on my back on a hard surface,it comes and cause a sharp pain that results in short of breath. Also,if l bend to my left or. Do any stretches l feel the pain so terrible.I have done X-ray, CT scan but both results came normal.Please can you help me, am in great pain

Dear Owen Ngwenya,

Thank you for contacting us regarding your upper right abdominal pains. I am sorry to learn of your "seizure-like attack".

It sounds like you possibly hit the upper right side of the abdomen against the floor or a hard object and sustained some muscular injury. The pain you've describe certainly sounds like a strain on your muscle or rib. It is reassuring that you have had a scan. That should have shown up any serious problem if one existed.

What are you using for pain control? It sounds you need more than just simple pain killers. If you are not asthmatic, and do not suffer with stomach ulcer, a combination of diclofenac tablets, 50mg taken three times a day with food, plus two tablets of cocodamol (30/500mg strength)taken up to four times a day will help. Why not discuss this option with your doctor to prescribe for you if needed?

Note that pain from injuries like that could last for several weeks, up to 6 to 8 weeks in some cases.

Regular deep breathing, exercises and pain killers are the mainstay to treatment and recovery. Some will find acupuncture and perhaps physiotherapy useful too.

Let's know how things went and we sincerely wish you a very quick recovery.

The Abdominal Pain Team.

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