upper right abdominal pain off and on

by Doug
(New Zealand)

I have been experiencing upper right abdominal pain off and on for few years. The pain radiates around the side to the back. I started developing high blood pressure about two years ago after severe food poisoning. I was in hospital for three days for this condition. I also have asthma, high cholesteral and severe osteoarthriris. My work history includes two years of chemical exposure in a fruit packing house from 2006 to 2008. I was the production manager and mixed the pesticides and anti fungal sprays. Since 2001 I have undergone bi-lateral hip replacements twice, left knee replacement and right elbow open debridement last June, the list goes on. Long term medications include the following:
symvastatin, Inhibase Plus, Paroxatine, Tramadol, Omeprazol, Symbicort, Atrovent and 1 Aspirin a day. I'm a walking disaster zone. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers Doug K

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