upper middle abdomen pain

by Sumner B
(Charlottesville, Virginia)


Upper middle abdomen, sometimes radiating into chest or around ribs.

Has been going on about 2 and a half months. Moderate to severe pain. Burning/dull ache. Sometimes sharp.

Pain there most of the time. Seems to get better after dinner until bed for some reason and gets bad again in the middle of the night. Food sometimes seems to make it better, but not always.

Haven't been able to figure out what makes it worse. Don't drink alcohol or eat spicy food at all. Was in a stressful period when this came on, but not anymore.

No vomiting or nausea at all. Maybe noticed heavier, darker stools when this first came on. Lost weight - but that was due to antibiotics for tick bite.

Medical history - Mostly joint/musculoskeletal problems. Have had a bad infection in my fallopian tubes once.

Had a collapsed lung in 1984. Am allergic to penicillin and shrimp.

Very strange symptoms in that it seems mostly like acid reflux but even the most powerful prescription drugs for that don't touch it.

Dear Sumner B,

Thank you for your very detailed post.

I agree with you. The cause of the upper middle abdominal pain you described here does very much sounds like one due to reflux and acid problem.

I think this is most likely a case of duodenal ulcer, or Helicobacter pylori infection of your stomach.

Have you had testing for any or both conditions? Any stool or breath test and endoscopy?

What does your doctor think?

You said you have taken the strongest medicine available for acid problems. What exactly did you take? There are different types and dosages. Did you get these from a doctor?

You can see your family doctor for this problem, or a gastroenterologist?

I will strongly advice you take these symptoms seriously and follow up with a doctor. This is because after the age of 50, acid symptoms need to be taken even more seriously because of a very small risk of more serious conditions affecting the stomach.

Please get checked ASAP. We would be very grateful if you could be kind enough to let us know how things went, what was found and treatment you received.

Good Health To You.

Dr Edema

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Aug 19, 2013
Reply to advice
by: Anonymous

Have seen a gastroenterologist twice and have been taking prescription meds. Have had Nexium, a week of Dexolant (sample), Prescription version of Prilosac and am now trying Prevacid. Also tried Pepcid. Gastro also gave me Amytriptoline for nerve pain - also didn't help. Nothing touches it!

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