Upper left abdominal pain

by Elizabeth de Vera
(South Australia)

I have experienced this pain thrice already. The pain was extending up to my back (left side only). The first pain was after I got angry. The second was when we had a trip which was also quite stressful. I just made a movement to my side then the pain started to occur. And prior to that I also ate meat. Now, I am experiencing it again. It started when I was running a lot errands and also I just ate a bread with beef filling and drank a little water on that day. Then in the afternoon, the pain started and I was bloated since then. Also, I got angry again prior to that abdominal pain. I just drank buscopan to relief the pain. I am a 41 year old housewife with no existing medical problems. But there is a history of kidney problems in my family maternal side.

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