upper abdominal pains

by jacob
(NY, United States)

My name is Jacob, amd I am having some upper abdominal pains. I have been reluctant to go see anyone because I don't have medical insurance. I was drinking a red bull at work Tuesday night, when it went down the wrong tube, and I felt a burning sensation in the upper abdominal area. I didn't think anything about it, but the pain has gradually got worse over the course of almost a week now. I still haven't eaten a full mean since Tuesday before work, and it hurts everytime I drink something or try and eat something. It feels like a sharp, knife like pain, that has dropped me to my knees while at work. Please let me know if I should go see someone ASAP, or if you think this may pass

Dear Jacob,

The upper abdominal pain you described here is most likely due to irritation of your stomach wall by from stress or excessive caffeine.
There is however as small chance of this been due to pancreatitis, though I do not think it is.

Yes. I will strongly advice you go and see your healthcare provider or to Emergency Department and be properly checked over. You might be given some painkillers (avoid anti inflammatory pain killers) and perhaps omeprazole or lansoprazole and some antacids to help with these symptoms of upper abdominal pain best referred to as gastritis, if it turns out that your pancreas is okay.

Please see your doctor soonest, if the pain is not settling after taking pain killers.

Best Wishes.


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