upper abdominal pain

by terry

55 yrs old male
Upper abdominal pain radiates to back (between shoulders)
Constant fatigue
recent BP's in morning have been pretty steady at 166/88, 154/88, 147/81

Pain at its worst at night- laying down-it builds up throughout the night
wakes me up every morning around 3-4am
relieved some by sitting up in reclinerPain is excruciating at that time

pain has been constant for about a year now
large doses of ibuprofen take edge off pain.
Prescription prilosec does not help at all with pain

gallbladder removed 30 yrs ago

Bronchoscopy and Full CAT scan done for another issue about a year ago. No reason was found for the coughing up of blood daily for 3 months (after an episode of bronchitus

told heart and lungs were fine


Dear Terry, see response posted earlier. Cheers!

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