Upper abdominal pain for whole day?

by Michelle Gibson
(England uk)

I had for the whole day yesterday from 10 in the morning till 10 at night a pain in my upper right abdonmum just beneathe my ribcage it was very similar to labour pains and we timed the pain which was every 10 or 20 mins throughout the whole day.

I am 29 years old have a 2 and 5 year old children, I am not obese but slightly overweight I would say normal. I don't smoke or drink regular, I only drink n family occasions.

I am confused about this pain a it stopped in the night and I seem ok today? But I clearly had something wrong with me yesterday, I thought I was going to end p in hospital? The pain was 8/10 but only lasted asplt second? So it was bearable if that makes sence?

I was on the last day of my period so could that have been a link the fact I took my tampon out then it stopped, or coinsidence? I have has period pains but this was nothing like a period pain and was in the front of my upper right side beneathe my rib cage the pain was not anywhere else?

Dear Michelle Gibson,

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I agree with you, that there is something that is not right, that caused your upper right abdominal pain for the whole day. The good news is that it is not something that you should be very worried about. The pain you've just described paints a perfect picture of the medical condition we call biliary colic.

Biliary colic is a word used by doctors to describe a sudden onset pain that comes on due to gallbladder stones, or contractions from the gall bladder. This is a small pear shaped sac under the liver, which is located on the upper right abdomen, just under the rib cage, as you well described. It could cause lots of pain, but it is something that can be dealt with.

Did you have a bit of fried or heavy meal in the morning (for breakfast) yesterday? That is one of the things that can trigger this pain from the gallbladder. The pain is most likely to come back again at anytime. If it happens again, it is best you see your GP and he or she can arrange for an ultrasound scan to make the diagnosis. If you have stones in your gallbladder, you may need to have the gall bladder removed.

As I said above, this condition is very common, and you do not need to worry so much about it.

You can read more about upper abdominal pain on the right side due to Biliary colic or Gallstones here.

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Please accept our best wishes, and good health to you.

Dr O. Edema

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