upper abdominal pain and bloating

by 82 year old female

Had upper abdominal pain and bloating and my tummy felt like it was sore. Turns out I had a low grade fever of 99:3 and after I took a Tylenol I began to prespire and the pain went away.

I'm thinking I had a mild stomach virus.

I am pleased to know that your upper abdominal pain have gone away after taking some Tylenol.

Do you really feel completely well and back to normal now? What's your appetite like? Are you opening your bowels normally and passing urine normally without any stinging sensation or increase in the frequency of going to the restroom?

Upper abdominal pain with a fever does sound like an abdominal pain due to an infection. It may well be a virus - tummy bug, as you rightly said. It could also be due to a food poisoning or contaminated food.

Despite your pain been on the upper part of the abdomen, other things that need to be excluded would include an acute urine infection and constipation.

If you feel completely back to normal, then fine, otherwise, I would recommend you just stop in to see your Family doctor. What do you think?

A simple urine test and physical examination may be important to assess the cause of the pain you described.

Thank you so much for visiting us and looking forward to reading from you soon on how things went.

Kindest Regards.

Dr O Edema


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