upper abdominal pain after meals

by francesc
(Hampshire, UK)

i have been having a bad aching pain in my stomach
between my ribs at the top it happens when i eat and drink and stays for at
least 1 hour afterwards, it also hurts when i push on it.....it makes me feel
i need to know what it is

Hello Francesc

You will need to see your doctor to examine you and send for some blood and possibly stool test. What you are describing sounds like a medical condition we call gastric ulcer.

It could also be due to just irritation of thelining of your stomach called gastritis. There is a bug called Helicobacter pylori that tends to cause such problem in a lot of cases. Your GP might send you for a stool test or breath test to exclude that as a cause of the gastritis. So please book and appointment to see your doctor as soon as you can.

The goodnews is that there are also medications to treat this, if it is due to gastritis or stomach ulcer. Hope this helps.

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