Upper abdomen pain

I had gastric bypass 9/7/2011... with that surgery comes a condition called 'dumping symdrome'... this happens when you eat too much or eat too much sweets. I would suffer this condition from time to time.. the symptoms for me were feeling ill, sweating and just not feeling well. There was no pain associated with this...
Several years later i was diagnosed with 'sludge' in my gallbladder and had surgery to remove it..at that time the doctor(s) nicked my liver which drained into my body causing the most severe pain i've ever experienced. I was put back into the hospital to fix the cut.
After this procedure was performed(removal of the gallbladder), my 'dumping symdrome' symptoms changed. I no longer feel sick but have excruciating pains for anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour.. usually about 20 minutes. These pains are so bad that there are times when i feel like i can't make it thru and need to call the Paramedics. I have yet to do that but suffer thru until the end. I've never felt anything like this pain before (except when my liver was cut).
I am finding it hard to believe that the 'dumping symdrome' symptoms changed THAT drastically (before and after gallbladder removal).
I'm looking for some advise on what this could possibly be IF not truly dumping...
Bonnie C

Hi Bonnie,

You clearly have gone through a lot medically, from the short story presented above.
I agree with you. The symptoms you've just described does not sound like those of the well known dumping syndrome. You will need more detailed scan to exclude possible coeliac artery compression syndrome which might well develop following the operations or a complication.
This is one of the common causes of severe abdominal pain after eating.
We will soon post an update on causes of upper abdominal pain after eating in the coming days.
Please do your own research on celiac artery compression syndrome and other mimickers of this condition and see if it rings a bell.
Hope to hear from you on how it all went, as we wish you a quick unraveling of the cause of your upper abdominal pain.


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