Unresolved Pain

by NM

I am 30 years old. After several years of pain I went to the doctor to figure our what was hurting. Because I already have stomach issues (I was diagnosed with IBS and Ulceratis Colidis by a Gastro Doctor)I went to my OBGYN for help, this pain did not feel like my stomach issues. He ran several tests and came up with Endometriosis. I had a laperoscopy and he said I had sever scar tissue that formed a wall (from my c section) and it was twisted with my bowels. He removed the scar tissue and I hoped that the pain would go away. Today I sit here at work in extreme pain because no one can seem to tell me what this pain is on my left side. My hopes are that one of you have may know.

Hello NM,

This pain you've described is most likely due to your endometriosis and adhesion combined or separately.

It must be a difficult place to be in, with such an experience as yours.

What must have happened to you is that you developed adhesions (scar tissues), as a complication of your previous c/section or due to the endometriosis, leading to the entrapment of your small bowel (these scar tissues or adhesions are much like spider webs but several times larger and stronger, that can trap our bowel or intestines, entangle it and cause intestinal obstruction which manifests as cramping abdominal pain, plus or minus bloating, distension, nausea and vomiting, inability to open one's bowel ).

The operation you had to remove the scar tissue only frees the bowel entangled, and some of the scar tissues removed, leaving behind smaller one.
In time, new scar tissues are formed again.

Endometriosis on its own could cause you to develop adhesions or scar tissues. So to is your previous operation. Each other time you are operated on, also increases your chance of developing more scar tissues.

So, despite your previous operation, if more scar tissues develop, you will still experience pain in teh abdomen (each time the scar tissues entangles a loop of bowel, the bowel contracts frantically to disentangle itself, causing the pain. Where the bowel is unable to disentangle itself, it leads to intestinal obstruction).
The endometriosis even without the presence of scar tissues , if it has not been specifically targeted and cleared, will also cause abdominal pain, different from the pain of your colitis and irritable bowel syndrome.

The good news is that, provided there is no obstruction, your doctor can work with you to find good pain control, especially if you understand that you have at least four different causes or potential causes of pain in the abdomen.

I hope I did not lost you along the way, NM. Even though all what I have tried to explain here might sound very complicated, working closely with your doctor could help you get on top of the pain and free you to lead a normal life.

What pain killers are you taking? Have you been considered for a definitive treatment for your endometriosis?

Please do not hesitate to come back to us, should you require any further clarifications or have a specific question in this regard.

Mean while, I sincerely hope you get on top of the pain soon.

Please accept our kind regards and best wishes.
Dr. Edema

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