Unrelenting Pain in Left Side

by K

I am 46 year old male. Have had a terrible, almost constant pain on left side of abdomen. Appears that lower rib is swollen on far left side and around to my back.

There is swelling below ribcage on far left side. Pain sometimes is stabbing and sometimes radiates to back and down left side to pelvis. Also there often is a sensation of itching but it is internal, not on the surface.

Pain also seems to hurt on ribs but also internal.Have also noticed many small bruises on skin right in area of discomfort. Have had pain for 5-6 weeks. I have fibromyalgia and cfs for 2 years now. I have just been diagnosed as pre diabetic 8 weeks ago after routine blood test for fibro issues.

I am taking oxycodone normal doses for 6 months. Started Gabapentin 2 weeks before issues started. Am now up to 800mg 3/day. No relief of fibro so now reversing dosage . Have tried all other nerve pain meds but haven't been on them for many months. Also on pantoprazole for GERD and zopiclone for sleeping.

Just had lung x-ray, blood test for infection, ct scan of left abdominal, urine test for ? , ECG.

All came back good but had high blood pressure. (could be stress because of job loss due to fibro illness and no income,etc.)

Doc gave me ant-inflam. and thats all.

No change. Pain is terrible and debilitating on top of normal fibro.

I am 6 ft. tall. 205 lbs. Ex smoker and drinker but haven't done either for 1.5 years
Whats wrong with me? Thanks

Dear Mr K From Canada,

Fibromyalgia has been described as a Pandora's box. Come with it are various other troubles, yet fibromyalgia is not well understood by many. Not many in the health profession even understand this debilitating illness.

What you have described does sound like another complication that goes hand in glove with some sufferers of fibromyalgia called costochondritis. I think you probably have Tietze syndrome (a variant of costochondritis. Tietze syndrome comes with swelling and occasionally bruising. It could take weeks to go.

Continuing on your non steriodals is sensible. Could your doctor review you with a view to placing you on some tricyclics strictly for pain control?

Our heart goes out to you during this very difficult period you are passing through. Please never give up in doing those little things you can to help ameliorate your condition, and we hope you get better soonest.

Please do let us know how things went with your rib / upper abdominal pain.

The Abdopain Team.

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