tumor near the ileocecal valve

by Allison Rowland
(Elburn ill)

I started havering abdominal pain about 1 1/2 yr ago, and went to the er. They found ovarian cysts and other things, so I had my appendix out.

Then months passed and it was back , so I had an endoscopy, and found ulcers, few months passed and had continued systems, so the took out gall bladder.

Rest scoped me and said ulcers improved. Symptoms still her, bloating, rt side pain, nausea,and now some blood in stool, so had a ct of abdomen.

They found massy area, possibly lipoma , fatty tumor near the ileocecal valve, haven't heard from dr yet, assume they order a colonoscopy.
What concern should I have?
Does this sound bad?

Dear Ms Allison Rowland,

You certainly have passed through a lot in the last 18 months!

A tumor near the ileocecal valve would definitely cause a lower right sided abdominal pain. The ileocecal valve is literally just next to the appendix. Such tumour and the pain caused by it, if any, can be confused for appendicitis.

It is good that you had a colonoscopy and that they have found something - a fatty tumour near your ileocecal valve as you described. I believe that they must have taken a sample or small nick of tissue from the tumour to take a look under the microscope. It takes roughly two weeks for such result to come back. It is only after then that the exact nature of the tumour will become apparent.

How old are you, if I may ask?

Have you been losing weight?

Any change in appetite?


I certainly think that the best approach now is to await the result of the biopsy (lab test on the tissue they must have taken from the tumour) or further endoscopy or scanning, as your doctors may deem necessary. It is difficult to say whether things are bad bad.

The good news is that, even if it is bad tumour, as long as it is captured in good time, it can be removed, treated and you could lead a completely normal life again.
We just have to wait.

Please let's now how things went, if you can - what the result of the biopsy is, and the planned course of action. Meanwhile, we all here at the Abdominal Pain Centre wish you a fast recovery to a vibrant health soonest.

Your Partner To Good Health.


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Oct 01, 2013
by: Anonymous

23 and haven't had a colonoscopy yet, believe that is the next step?

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