this is my experience with the known Epiploic Appendagitis /hernia found

by lois little
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Well all my severe pain started over a week ago and my stomach look like it was swelling and getting bigger and felt real hard to the touch .
i had to go see my dr.who did a xray ,well she said it look like i had a lot of bowel back up that had not moved i was in so much pain ,every which way i moved was torment to me .
SO she prescribes laxatives and pain meds .this was all within the week i saw her .
well by the weekend nothing had got better for me so i had to go to the ER that saturday of week .
so they took all kind of blood wk ,did a scat scan on my stomach area with dye ,then after a while they finally come in to tell me i have a hernia on my left side that needed surgery ,and that i have EPIPLOIC APPENDAGITIS as well ,i ask the drs ,there would it get better ,he said in time but i need to see a surgeon .
so i wil see my dr follow up to this to see when i will have surgery ,i have had severe diverticulitis before on my left side where i could not even walk ,had to be admitted in hospital for that ,but let me tell you something this mess is no joke i was almost at that point again ,but i did get to come home ,to follow up with dr.
so i dont wish this pain on no one ,it is awuful.
i am still not well ,still have pain ,and my stomach still feels hard to the touch ,eating very little ,just soups ,and water .
So i will be back at dr. on friday this second week ,so i will see where i go from here ,thank you for listening to me but to me this is serioues stuff ,very painful indeed .thank you ,miss little .

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