The unimaginable pain

by ChiChi
(Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria)

Since 2005 I have been having right side abdominal pain I have done a laparoscopy and I was told that I have an addition and it was corrected as i was told by the doctor but d pain is still there.

In 2010 I was told that I have an ovarian cyst on right side and it was removed but the pain is still on. I have had ct scan but was told I have fibroid again which was removed in 2000.

But the doctor said the fibroid is not suppose to give me so much pain.

I have living with this pain now. It is so severe that when it starts it radiates to my right back buttocks and then to my thigh and then to my leg and will not be able to walk or do anything with the leg.

When the pain starts, I will be sweating and will need to pour water on myself. It is that bad. I have been on severe pain drugs but I wish I could get a solution to this pain once and for all.

I really need help.

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