symptoms of coeliac disease

by J

I am a 55 year old woman who was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease about 3 years ago.

Before I was diagnosed I went to the doctor with a pain in my left side. All sorts of tests were done and they could not find out what was causing this.

Some days it is bad and other days it is like constant toothache. Can this be related to the Coeliac Disease.

Hi J,

I am so pleased for you that your coeliac disease has been diagnosed. Abdominal pain, being tiredness all the time, iron deficiency anaemia, unexplained skin rashes, are all "quiet" symptoms of coeliac disease.

This can cause the symptoms you described... and it is often very difficult to diagnose coeliac disease in many cases.

Your treatment would now centre around avoiding anything with gluten.

Wondering the best diets? Cassava products, plantain, and pure yam are very good, but not well known substitute to food containing gluten.

Please do not hesitate to use the abdominal pain forum to address your concerns from time to time.

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