suggest any specific test to be done.

by shan

hi im having left abdominal pain and bloating for more than 3months. im 33 yr old and have taken CT scan endoscopy. stools color is in yellow normal. taking medicine as doctor said as gastritis but still having the pain. pls suggest is any specific test to be done for further analysis.

Hi Shan,

With the history of left sided abdominal pain and bloating going on for three months, with a normal CT scan and endoscopy, it is almost certain that further test will not show up anything serious.

Did you also get tested for coeliac disease?

If all these test are normal, then it is most likely that the cause of your abdominal pain is what is called irritable bowel syndrome.

Please explore this possibility and see if you can get help with treatment to be pain free.

Best Wishes.

Dr Edema

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