Sudden pain, lasting more than 24 hours now

Hi there,

I am generally healthy, no smoking/drinking, exercising regularly.

Yesterday morning the sudden pain appeared in my abdomen, it varies hour to hour, sometimes it stays very low, but sometimes gets higher to belly button level.

It was so bad yesterday i couldn't walk the stairs at home. It hurts when I touch my tummy even more. Sleeping last night was very uncomfortable because of the pain.

Heavy dull pain in lower abdomen, and sharper pain in upper section. Wondering if this can be some kind of bug and I just have to wait and see, or should I start worrying and see the doctor...

I also feel bloated and actually visually my tummy is bloated (I am quite slim, so it is noticeable).

Also just had something to eat (like a breakfast biscuit) and it started hurting even more after that.

Any ideas?

Thank you a lot, Kat

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