Sudden but lasting left-sided pain

by Tony

Hi, I'm a 33yr old male with no real history of medical problems other than a 3cm hiatus hernia (inherited I think) which I've had for ages.

About 6 months ago I went to see a gastro specialist because I was having very regular bowel movements (usually 2-3 per day) and I just wanted to make sure it was nothing to worry about - there was no pain though. He recommended a flexi-sigmoidoscopy, which I had and it was extremely painful, and ever since then I've been regularly constipated and had a series of severe pains running from my left arm down the left abdomen and into the left leg.

The pain is worse in the upper left abdomen, just below the heart and has been there 24-hours a day for the last 6 months and is sometimes accompanied by internal tremors! It feels like nerve ain or something(?).

I've had numerous blood tests, ECG (I went to A&E several times with it at first because I though it was a heart-attack), stool tests, urine, endoscopy and ultrasound. All they found was mild oesophagitus and slighty raised amalayse levels in my blood.

My doctors can't explain it. They keep telling me it must be stress and anxiety, but before this happened I was perfectly happy and have never had stress/anxiety problems. They refuse to accept it had anything to do with the flexi-sig. and say its all in my head!

Any suggestions you could give would be greatly appreciated. My life has ground to a shattering halt thanks to this pain.


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