stomach pain above belly button

by Amanda
(Staten Island)

Hi, I am a 21 year old female. I have been having bad stomach pain. It is above my belly button.

At first, I thought I was pregnant because I had sex on 3/10 but the same day I took Plan B One Step and I did get my period 3/22.

I had a HCG done by the Hospital 3/30 and a free pregnancy clinic 4/2 which was negative so it can't be that. Yesterday my stomach pain was burning and on my right side.

Today is it in my middle stomach. I cannot take it anymore. My parents told me if the pain isn't away by tomorrow they will take me to a doctor again.

I do not understand why I am having middle stomach pain and that it is burning sometimes. I am only 21 years old this isn't normal for me.

Can somebody help me?

I also have gas, diarrhea but that turned into constipation after my mom gave me an anti-diarrheal pill, and now I think the diarrhea is back, and I have been having a lot of gas.

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