Spasmodic Right Hand Side Pain

by Norma

Im hoping you can help me. I have a spasmodic pain in my RHS. It is between my ribs and hip bone.

As it is very deep, I cannot reach it even if I squeeze as hard as I can with my fingers wrapped round my waist. I have had X-rays plus two ultra sounds and they all show nothing so have been informed by my doctor that it must be muscular.

18months ago the pain was so bad that I couldn't breathe properly and an ambulance took me to hospital....same result, nothing was found. I did find that after being given gas to relax me, that the pain immediately disappeared which seems consistent with a muscle spasm. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you.


Hello Norma,

This spasmodic pain you described could be due to muscular pain as suggested by your doctor.
How is your bowel motion like?

Constipation, trapped wind, kidney stone (please read the section on kidney stone on this page and see if it perhaps described your pain), or twisted right ovarian cyst or severe anxiety could also bring about sudden spasmodic onset right hand side abdominal pain that disappears with the use of entonox ("gas and air").

It is a shame that the diagnosis is not so apparent despite expert assessment by doctors. What is very important though, apart from the fact that you have to suffer such pain when it occurs, is that you most likely do not have a dreaded cause of abdominal with potentially fatal consequences.

May be a CT scan might help, if available, when you have another episode of this pain, combined with a test of your urine - there will be microscopic evidence of blood in your urine (in over 90 percent of cases), if the pain is as a result of kidney stone.

I hope this helps. Please kindly include your age, and any past medical history, if one exists, in your future postings.

Please do not hesitate to contact us again, should you require any further help.

Dr. O. Edema

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Feb 25, 2011
Same pain
by: Roy

I have had the same pain as you for over four years. I have had appendix and gall bladder removed. Now, they claim it must be muscular. At least you didn't get two opperations before getting to here. My CT scan showed two kidney stones they claim are too small to worry about.

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