So full all the time.

My name is Kathy. I am 41. I have experienced about a 10 pound weight gain over a months time. I am also experiencing a lot of gas, indigestion, bloating and fullness.

A couple of times I had such pain after eating dinner.

I had terrible gas and diarrhea. I had a sharp pain the other night just below my right breast under my rib. It did not last too long. Maybe 20 minutes? It was at night and it woke me up. I am also feeling a dull non de-script aching in my right side again. This time it isn't sharp. It hurts a little when I strain or move in certain directions. Kind of almost feels like an ovary but then sometimes I feel it up a little higher. No fever, no nausea, no vomiting.

I currently take for birth control ortho trycylen lo and atenolol chlor for high blood pressure and welbutrinxl for depression. I feel unenergetic, tired, and achy, like I just want to lay down all of the time. I don't believe this is from the depression. It seems different than that to me. I have had depression a long time so I am pretty aware of the symptoms and cycles of it. No medication allergies. No surgeries.

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