Slight lower right abdominal pain that gooes up for 4 months now

by flor

I am 52 year old woman,

I had this right lower abdominal pain,

I went to my OB and done my pap smear and examination, my pap smear is normal and my OB found a polyp on my cervix and removed,

the slight pain is still there so I went back to the Doctor again, then I underwent a whole abdomen ultrasound and found out that there is a small polyp on my gallbladder 0.56cm in size and a calcification on my left kidney,

The Doctor said nothing to worry about on this, my liver, pancreas. spleen and kidneys are all normal, however the pain is still there, not much but its not normal.. its been 4 months,

I dont know if its because Im worried and afraid and it causes me anxiety and stress..

I don't smoke nor drink liquors, I am not eating red meat, only pork and chicken breast in moderation and only once in a while,

Please help..

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