Side pain, pulled muscle?

by Stephen
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Well i am 32 years and relatively healthy. For the last few months I have this dull pain almost like a pulled muscle on my right side. I dont feel weak, i have a great appetite, I dont pee blood or it doesnt hurt when I pee. I do however feel a bit gassy at times, but I attribute that to food, I do crossfit so I am not sure if its all the greens. I workout regularly and eat pretty good. I dont have health care and I dont feel that the pain is bad at all, just a slight pain mostly like I feel I have to stretch it, I did the belly button press with the hand to the right, so I know its not the appendix. any info?

Hi Stephen,

It certainly does sound like you take very good care of yourself and try as much as possible to keep healthy.

I agree with you that you do not have appendicitis. Abdominal pain that is ongoing for weeks and months can hardly ever be due to appendicitis.

I also note that you mention that you are not passing blood in your urine. Were you thinking of kidney stones? Well, pain from kidney stones could be chronic, but they often present as sudden onset severe upper side or loin pain, spreading to the front of the abdomen and groin. The associated blood in the urine with kidney stone is almost always never seen with the naked eye. But, yes, I also agree with you that you do not have kidney stone.

What you've described fits a picture of pain emanating from muscle strain. Could this be due to the intensity of your exercise, or perhaps your positioning during such exercises or at other times?

If the pain persists for more weeks, and it is not responding to simple pain killers and massage with diclofenac gel or similar agent (if such are medicines tolerable with you), or if there is associated feelings of tiredness, or you become unwell with it, seeing a doctor for a thorough physical examination and some testing would be very much adviced.

Thank you for using our online resource here at and I am looking forward to hearing back from you soon, on how things went.

Best Wishes.

Dr O Edema

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