severe pain in the central lower part of my abdomen

by Lydia

Hey, I woke up last night with severe pain in the central lower part of my abdomen. It lasted for about 10 minutes and was worse when I was lying down.

I'm 14, I don't have sex at all and neither am I on my period. It is the first time it has happened like this. Previously, I have got pain like this, but only in the mornings after I woke up, but that hasn't happened recently at all.

So can you please inform me what it was, thanks.

Hi Lydia,

Thank you for contacting us regarding your experience with severe pain in the central lower part of your abdomen last night lasting for about ten minutes.

I take it that the pain is now gone. Is that right? Did you feel very bloated with the pain? Any farting there after? Trapped wind could cause such short lasting pain and then disappears, as soon as you pass gas or wind, especially during this festive periods.

If you still have the pain though, you will need to see your GP to exclude urine infection or cystitis. What are your thoughts when you were experiencing this pain?

Thanks again and looking forward to hearing back from you soon.


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