severe pain in rightside of abdomen

by Destiny
(Tampa, fl,US)

I've had several surgeries starting from age 16. At 16 I had a colposcopy, at age age 20 I had a colonoscopy,at age 28 I had a polypectomy,hysteroscopy, and a D and C due to having fluid in my uterus and ovaries. Now I'm suffering from seveere pain on my rightside for the past 2 weeks. It hurts everytime I move, cough, laugh etc.....Can someone please give me some advise on what I need to do?

Hello Destiny,

You are clearly passing through a difficult time at the moment. Your current situation might be unrelated to the previous experience. If you are having a right side abdominal pain each time you cough, sneeze or move, you will need to be seen and examined by a doctor to exclude a potentially serious cause of abdominal pain. Why not see your doctor today. Go to ER if not sure. What do you think?

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