Severe Lower Mid Left Sided Stomach Pain

by Rhonda

I am a 58 Yr old female and for 2-3 days I've had a severe pain in my lower/mid left side of my stomach. It started hurting some in the right side today and hurst some around to my back, and when I walk it hurts worse on the left. I have had a change in bowel movement over the past several weeks, haven't checked stool yet, but thought at first just might be gas. If it's just gas would it likely hurt this bad for days? Haven't felt well either for several days, almost like the flu...kinda achy. I hate to go to doctor only for him to say its gas, how embarrassing that would be! But the pain in constant in the left side and really hurts and seems to be hurting now in the right around to my back.

5-6 months ago I was told my uterus and bladder had dropped...could this be a cause for this pain also, as I have not gotten that issue looked at.

Thanking you in advance,

Hello Rhonda,

You are clearly stoic with your lower left sided stomach pain that has been on going for about 2-3 days.

That you are having pain on walking due to the pain, feels unwell, and also has had change in your bowel habit over the last several weeks, it is very important you get checked by your doctor. It is best they found nothing, than perhaps leave something serious, lurking inside you which could become worse with time.

Diverticulitis, is very high possibility, as it is of a host of other conditions, but you will be best examined and have some tests done to elucidate the cause of your severe lower mid left sided stomach pain.

I have taken on board your concerns regarding the "drop" of your bladder and uterus - a condition doctors refer to as cystocele plus perhaps some degree of uterine prolapse. I strongly do not think that this is the cause of your stomach pain. A cystocele will cause you a dragging sensation with increased predisposition to urine infection.

I hope you are able to receive this message, as I notice that your email was not linked to this submission.

Thank you Rhoda for visiting us here at and using our free online resource. Please come back soon to follow our updates and also if you could be kind enough to let us know how things went with you.

Best Wishes.

Dr Edema.

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