Severe left side abdominal pain for 1 week

56 years old. I have been having severe left side abdominal pain for 1 week. My belly is sensitive to the touch and the pain mostly on the left side. I also have pain in the middle and down into my pelvic region. There is also chest pain below my breast, pain on the left side of by back below my shoulder blade. My upper left arm, left leg, and foot has a stinging (numbing)feeling. The left side abdominal pain is always there, but then I get "waves" of pain that come all the way across by stomach. The "waves" of pain may last up to a minute. In trying to figure out what brings the "waves" on; I think it may be when I eat, but they don't come all the time when I eat. Could be certain things I eat. I have never had problems with eating anything.

Last year I went to the emergency room with abdominal pain, but it was on the right side and I had blood in my urine. Final diagnosis for this visit to the emergency room was as follows:
Right Ovarian Cyst
Hematuria, Etiology Unclear
Pelvic Pain

Thank you for you help.


Thank you for using our free online consultation service. It must feel very frustrating and raw to be experiencing a severe left side abdominal pain for 1 week or more that remains undiagnosed.

From your story - a left sided lower abdominal pain that extends to the "middle and down into my
pelvic region", always there but occasionally comes in waves, and with a history of previous ovarian cyst, it is very possible that you may be suffering with another ovarian cyst, this time on the left.

Typically, pain from ovarian cyst tends to cause a right or left sided lower abdominal pain, depending on the side of the ovary affected. The pain usually spread to the lower back (as in your case) and down to the upper thigh. The pain is usually there always with periods of increased severity that comes in waves. The ovary may be twisted.

It must be said though that other things that could cause pain for you there may include conditions like acute diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome and strangulated hernia, though less likely from your story.

As always advised, if you have a severe abdominal pain like the one you've described here, I will strongly suggest that you seek immediate medical attention. Why not go to your local Emergency Room again for a one to one assessment by a healthcare provider. A stitch in time, they say, saves nine.

You may require an urgent scan and some blood works to help pin down what is the cause of your severe left side abdominal pain that has been going on for over one week.

Please do keep us informed as to how things went, if you wouldn't mind.

Thank you once more for visiting us and please...

Get Well Soon.


On Call Doctor

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