scrotal pain syndrome

by Dean
(Commerce City co. 80022)

I have had pain in my testical for years it would come and go i was told it was epididamitas and treated with no relief

The pain has moved up in my stomach i have had 2 hernia operations and think this is a result of the mesh used to fix the hernia in the last week the pain is so bad i cant walk or work it has not stopped and gotten worse !!! I notice the epididamitas is swelled on my left side
To along my pelvic bone ! The pain is extremely bad !


Dear Dean,

A complication of hernia repair called chronic scrotal pain syndrome is most likely responsible for the pain in your testicle that you described above.

During hernia or vasectomy surgery, one of the nerves in the groin could be inadvertently clamped or damaged, and could lead to persistent severe pain in groin and scrotum, that radiates to the left lower abdomen.

If you suspect that you also have epididymitis, a simple scrotal ultrasound scan can help with confirming or excluding this. Are you able to ask your healthcare provider to send you for a scrotal ultrasound scan?

Another possible cause of the type of pain you described here is if you have epididymal cysts that generates pain from intermittent twisting. Again, a scrotal ultrasound scan would be the way to diagnose this.

In a few number of males, a condition called chronic orchialgia - which is posh word for chronic testicular pain occurs for no obvious reason. Varicocele, spermatocele, testicular tumors, and chronic infection are common causes and the way to find out is the same as when a chronic scrotal pain syndrome is being investigated, as mentioned above.

Speak with your doctor, get a scan and if your symptoms persist, you may need to be referred to see a urologist for a consideration of a surgical procedure called Micro-Denervation of the spermatic cord (MDSC). Reports have it that up to 89% of people with chronic scrotal pain syndrome from various causes who had this procedure done find permanent relief.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you have any further query on this matter.

Best regards.

O. Edema MD.

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