RMP Lower right side

by Perry
(Port Arthur TX USA)

I really can't remember when the pain started but I usually don't notice the pain until I try to stand straight. I have noticed that I walk bent over. I have had appendice removed already. I have previously had weight loss surgery and I have rheumatoid arthritis which I took steroids (prednisone) from 2008 until December 2012. I am not having a constipation problem. I do not have nausea problems. I hurt but it is not unbearable, I am still able to go and do everything as usual--I just know that its there.

Hi Perry,

You will need to be examined by a doctor. It could be that you are having epiploic appendiagitis or one of a number of other conditions that needs assessing by taking a detailed history and focused examination.
It may also turn out to be "nothing", but you need to see a healthcare practitioner face-to-face.

Please if you can, we would appreciate an update on what exactly happened and what the diagnosis was and treatment advised.

Thanks for using our free comprehensive online resource on abdominal pain here and hope to hear from you again soonest.

Good Health To You.

The Abdopain Team.

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