Right side stomach pain starting from down and moving upto the whole right hand

by Reema
(Madhya Pradesh )

Good Afternoon,

I am having stomach pain from April 2009, I was having pain in right side in lower abdomen, I went to the gynecologist and also did my sonography they found a cyst in my stomach and given medicine to dilute this cyst.

But I was not satisfied with the treatment then I went to another doctor again a gynacologist, she has given all the test required related to gynec problems I did all the test and this time my report was normal except I was having little bacterial infection in right side near to right ovary.

After checking my report she told that this problem is not a gynecologist problem and she told me to get the check up done again by a urologist then I went to the urologist after checking my reports he has provided me some medicine to remove the bacterial infection, as per urologist it was small infection and I can get relief after taking that medicine.

But there was no relief from that medicine then I again switch to another doctor, after checking my report he told me that I may have ovary cyst, regional ileitis and renal calculus, he suggested to take uralyt powder for 1 month and eltroxin 100 mg. kindly suggest and about the same.

Now the pain is starting from the right lower abdomen and moving towards my back, right chest, right hand and it so severe sometimes, kindly suggest to which specialist should I visit to get rid of this pain permanently and is it the symptoms of Biliary Colic.

My mail id: reema.awatani@gmail.com

Hello Reema,

It's Dr Edema from abdopain.com here.
It sounds like you have had a hard time with doctors! I am really sorry to learn of your travails.

Now. The pain (s) you described could well be different pains occurring at different times from different causes or parts of your body.

Do you have access to a generalist - a family practice physician? You will need a focused diagnostic work up, best around another episode of pain to identify the specific cause of the pain at that time.

From the story you gave though, it sounds like you might have had an ovarian cyst (based on your sonologist report)- not in the stomach, but in your abdomen.

Pain from ovarian cyst could come on suddenly, in the lower abdomen and spread to the back and pelvis, as well to the upper thigh. It is usually very severe as times goes on if it is twisted ovarian cyst, and there is usually no medicine you can take to "dilute" the cyst, except if the cyst is a normal cyst that grows around your menstruation period, enlarges and then resolves on its own.

You might as well has had urinary tract infection and at another time biliary colic or even kidney stone.

The best thing to do under this circumstance is to see your doctor during an attack and have a full battery of investigations as may be necessary.

I hope this helps.

Dr. O. Edema


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