Right side of stomach

by Jonathan
(Mississauga Ontario Canada)

I played hockey for 4 years and sat down a lot in the meantime.

I noticed now for 3 years when I lie on my left side I can feel a weight pushing down on my right side of lower to mid abs.

So not actual abs but to the right of them putting pressure on my body when I sleep on left side.

So I tend to sleep on my right side so the pressure rests on the bed.

Lately I've been able to poke at it and feel paid, very sharp pain to the point where any more pressure it feels like it would hurt too much to bare.

I can only find the paid when I lay flat on my back and put my two legs over to my left side as if I were in fetal position to my left but back on bed.

I went for ultrasound they found nothing.

I'm really concerned now cause I can feel the weight more often these days, not just when I'm lying on my left side like before.

Sometimes it's not really noticeable maybe my mind playing tricks.

Please help

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