right side and center pain aches for a week

hi my name is adejoke and am 29 years old. I did a CS to deliver my daugther in 2011. eleven months later I did an etopic surgery and now am having this pain all over my lower abdomen. what can I take or do

Dear Adejoke,

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I am sorry to learn of your ectopic pregnancy. You also had to undergo a Cesarean section surgery prior to this to have your little lovely daughter.

Those two surgeries predisposes you to the risk of developing abdominal adhesions. Is adhesions something you have heard of before? You may want to read a bit about it here on this site.

People who suffer with adhesions will develope pain from time to time in their abdomen. In your case, you report that you have a right side and center pain aches for a week now. Well, it is important you see your doctor to exclude any other potentially serious causes of abdominal pain. Once these are excluded, you can take some pain killers like paracetamol and perhaps Fybogel Mebeverine effervescent granules sachets orange. Thi sis a laxative that has a combination of bowel muscle relaxant as well as laxative.

You will also need to watch your diet, go for fibre rich foods and if you do develop abdominal pain frequently, with feeling of bloating you need to see your doctor. Even more so if you are vomiting or finding it difficult to open your bowel.

I hope thi shelps. Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you require any further help.

Get Well.

The Abdominal Pain Team

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