right side abdominal pain

by Arunkumar V S


I am a 35 years old male. Nowadays I am suffering a mild but some times severe abdominal pain on the right side. I feel it is some what near to belly button. I observed as the pain increases when the stomach is empty or while I am walking in the morning time. This problem started recently but, the same situation was there around 7-8 years ago. In that days the paining location was little bit upper right side of the stomach compared to present situation. The previous case was cured gradually by medication which I am not aware now. But one thing I remember that the doctor prescribed an endoscopy which I could not done.

Now I feel my hunger declined gradually and some times there is a vomiting tedency is also there which, I thought, is due to cough problem.

Please advise what will be the cause of my pain?

Hello Arunkumar,

Let's get it right - pain in your right upper abdomen, but closer to your belly button, worse when you are hungry, but even at that, you seems to get easily satisfied after eating. You also feel nauseated from time to time, and you had similar problems 7-8 years ago. Is that it?

What you describe seems to be a problem with your stomach or upper part of your small intestines called duodenum. It may be that you have an ulcer there, but it could be any of a number of conditions.

I think the best thing for you would be to see your doctor again, do some blood tests to check your blood level, check to see if your have any evidence of new or long standing infection in your blood, test for H.pylori, and certainly endoscopy. It is important that the cause of your right sided abdominal pain be identified, not the least because of the length of time it has gone on for. Advising you take any medication now without knowing what is been treated could be dangerous. So please see your doctor for a thorough work up.

Please feel very free to come back to us again for advice when ever you need to and we will be happy to go through the journey with you until something is found, or at least any potentially dangerous medical cause of the right side abdominal pain is excluded. What do you think Arunkumar?

Thank you for visiting us here at Abdopain.com and using our free online resource. We hope you find this helpful.

The AbdoPain Team.

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Nov 17, 2013
Right side abdominal pain

i am 40yrs old and i have been having this pain in right side of my abdomen just below my ribs. i went see my doctor then and gave me some medicines after that i only feel the pain occasionally and if take a tablet such as ibuprofen the pain will go. Now the pain has come back and has refused respect some of those drugs please what do i do. pls. help me.

Dec 01, 2012
Stomach pains
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have never had anything wrong with me I'm 20 years old but since I was about 18 iv had non stop trouble! I have chest pain now and then but have sometimes severe stomach sharp pains. Also u get pains on my robcage which sometimes hAvnt been able to move iv had ultrasound scan and blood test and doctors say there's nothing but I no there is!

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