right side abdominal pain for 3 days

by michelle jones
(san diego ca 91978)

I do not have any teeth since July. 1 st of last year so i have been eating some time too big of a bit well this pain has started. Coming About 20 after i eat and last fir abt 1hour i having been feel well for while i get tire really easy medical wont cover

t cover the surgery. i need done before they can make my teeth i have hepatitis c too before i having been feeling good at all i get tire very easy i have to go to bed early the pain isnt like any pain i have had before not felmale promblem or craps.it covers my whole ride side n its large! Also i have high blood pressure n having been able to take them for the last 1 week i ran out i have no allergies

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Feb 18, 2015
This Could Be Due To GallBladder Stones
by: Omatseye Edema MD

Hi Michelle,

You said that you have been experiencing pain on the right side of your abdomen within 20 minutes after eating and that this pain could last for up to an hour.

Has this pain been on going for the last 3 days only? Have you had it before?

Does it spread to anywhere else in your body? What have you found that seems to help reduce the pain, if anything?

Do you mind if I were to ask how much you weigh? What about your height? Have you experienced any recent unexpected weight loss?

Other than Hepatitis C and high blood pressure, do you suffer with any other medical problem - say like diabetes?

Have you had any surgery in the past?

What passes through your mind when you have this pain? Do you have any fear of what could be going on?

From the limited information you provided above, it does sound like the cause of of your right sided abdominal pain within 20 minutes after food is most likely due to gallbladder stones.

I would suggest you see your family doctor to examine you to exclude any other problem.

You mentioned a number of times that you feel very tired always. Again, it is important that you see your own doctor so that some blood works can be done including checking your thyroid, checking for diabetes, and also to have your mood looked into and a few other assessments.

I hope this helps.

Please do not hesitate to contact us again, should you have any other concerns.

Good Health To You.

Family Physician, Emergency Medicine Practitioner and WebMD

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