Right Hand Abdominal Pain

by Leanne Mclean
(Hobart, Tasmania Australia)

righthand pain with a feeling of being very cold and some problem breathing in?

Hi Leanne,

Where exactly is your right hand abdominal pain? Is it in the right upper abdomen or lower abdomen? When did it start? Is it there always, or does the pain comes on and then go away? Have you noticed that anything makes it worse?

You also said you are having difficulty in breathing. Are you coughing? Does it hurt when you cough if you are coughing? And do you bring out any phlegm or sputum with your cough? What is the colour of the phlegm?

The story you have provided is very scanty, but based on the information you have provided, I wonder if you have infection in your chest, rather than in your abdomen.

Another possibility is that your right hand abdominal pain might be due to infection of your gall bladder, or perhaps appendicitis, if the pain in lower on the right abdomen.

If you are feeling very unwell, I will strongly suggest that you go and see your doctor, so that you get properly checked out, just in case you are coming down with a pneumonia or chest infection or something else that is potentially serious.

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The abdopain Team.

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Sep 30, 2014
Pain in right side of abdominal
by: L. N. in Canada

I have pain in right side of abdoninal for a while now. I have lot of xrays,MRI, ultrasound and blood tests but couldn't find anything.

I have my gallbladder removed and problem still there. The G.I. specialist did all he could possibly have done and could not find the problem.

Recently, i have anti inflamatory and pain killer injected in my abdonminal wall but didn't help.

I hope someone can help.

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