Redoxon Effervescent Vitamin C And Zinc Reviews

Here is a genuine redoxon effervescent vitamin c and zinc double action immune support review posted by real people who have used this product. You would be able to post your experience here too and help provide valuable information to users of redoxon on what to expect, side effects and real first hand benefits if any. 

Redoxon double action immune support contains high potency vitamin C at a dose of 1000 mg as well as zinc at a dose of 10 mg. 

Doctors and natural health practitioners have been treating people with immune disorder with zinc and vitamin c for decades with no definite studies to confirm their benefits. 

It is only in recently that a dependable study was published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology that supports the benefit of zinc in the reduction of the duration of a cold infection

The makers of Redoxon double action with vitamin c and zinc reports that this combination helps support your body immune system. How exactly does it do this? 

The Role of Vitamin C

The many chemical process taking place in our body leads to the accumulation of free radicals, like what happens when water and oxygen reacts with iron, causing rust. Anti-oxidants helps to clear the "rust" inside us, rejuvenating our cells and chemical systems. 

Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants out there and very important to keep our body in good health.  

Vitamin C helps in:

  • Repair and growth of our cells and tissues
  • Keeping of our bones, skin and gums healthy by creating new collagen material
  • Adrenal support
  • Production of anti-stress hormone
  • Stimulation of our immune cells to produce interferon which helps to fight and kill virus infections in our body
  • Cancer prevention
  • Blood clot
  • Absorption of iron from our food or when we take iron tablets
  • Reducing high cholesterol. 

The importance of vitamin c in humans came to the fore in the 18th century when seamen where frequently noticed to develop bleeding gums, dryness of their skin and easy bruising, sores, fatigue and weakness, personality changes and death. It was only in 1747 that James Lind, a scottish surgeon found that giving these sick sailors citrus fruit - very rich in vitamin c that all their symptoms disappeared. 

In very high dose, vitamin C brings a lot of benefits as contained in Redoxon double action

The use of antidepressants, alcohol, oral contraceptive pills, pain killers and steroids reduces your body's supply of vitamin C. So too is smoking. So if you are taking any of the above medications or smoke, you may be vitamin C deficient. 

The Role of Zinc

Zinc is another amazing essential mineral required by the body but only obtainable from foods and supplements. Our body does not make it. 

Zinc is involved in the proper functioning of over a 100 different enzyme systems in our body, including insulin. It is important for:

  • Production of interferon to protect us against virus attack
  • Development and proper functioning of our white blood cells
  • The proper functioning of the reproductive organs
  • Healing of wounds
  • Healthy skin
  • Prevention of acne
  • Proper sense of taste and smell
  • The prostate gland's health.

Diarrhoea, diabetes, use of iron tablets, liver disease can all cause a deficiency of zinc. 

Benefits And Uses of Redoxon Effervescent Vitamin C And Zinc Double Action Tablets

You can see from the above information that almost everyone would benefit from the use of vitamin C and Zinc Redoxon effervescent tablet. 

This is even more so during the winter months.

Redoxon is usually best used to:

  • Fight cold - if you have that annoying cold infection that would no go away, try one tablet of Redoxon daily, dissolved in warm water would help boost your immunity and banish the cold
  • If you are sleep deprived, this could run you down make you catch cold more quickly. Taking Redoxon vitamin c and zinc double action medication could help while you try catch up with your sleep
  • High dose vitamin c and zinc may be helpful in acne
  • If you are diabetic or drink a lot of alcohol or do not get your fair share of fresh fruits and vegetables, intermittent use of this product may be helpful.

Precautions And Possible Side Effects of Redoxon Double Action

There is no medication under the sun that is side effect free. 

It is important to:

  • Use straw when drinking this product - if you do so frequently to protect your teeth's enamel. Because Of this high vitamin C content and being acidic, it could erode the white covering of your teeth.
  • Avoid use of this medicine with aspirin, ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory medication (NSAIDs) at the same time, because the acidity of the tablet could in conjunction with the NSAID, cause stomach irritation.
  • Redoxon effervescent vitamin c and zinc double action tablet is safe to use in pregnancy, but if you take very high dose in pregnancy for a long time, it could cause your baby to develops scurvy later, because your new born baby would have become accustomed to a high dose and when it is no longer obtainable after birth, he or she could develop scurvy. 
  • High dose of Zinc intake could lead to copper depletion. The ratio of zinc and copper in your diet and body should be 10 to 1. More than this would lead to copper depletion.
  • Do not take a daily dose of more than 1 tablet for extended time because a dose of zinc more than 10mg per day could actually depress your immune system rather than enhance it.

Redoxon Effervescent Vitamin C And Zinc Reviews

Now is the time for seeing real redoxon effervescent vitamin C and Zinc reviews. Have you used this medication in the past? What was your experience? Did it seem to help with your cold or boost your immune system? 

if you have been taking Redoxon double action in the past and has not actually kept records, you can now start keeping a diary and see how it affects your cold to energy level to mental function. 

The following are real reviews left my some who have found redoxon effervescent vitamin C and Zinc very helpful. 

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