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My son had appendicitis at the age of 12 years old he came home from school not feeling well he was sick all day.

I took him to the doctor who told me he just
had the flu, he gave me gravel and told me let him sleep it off he never did check his abdomen i even told the doctor his right side was hurting when ever i touched him but the doctor told me it was the flu, he didn't sleep all night.

The following day i took him to the hospital, whenever i went over speed bumps he would howl, he couldn't walk he was vomiting.

Finally the emergency on call doctor called in the specialist because he knew it was appendicitis.

Within the hour he was having emergency surgery. The doctor
told me after the surgery i was lucky that my son didn't pass on.

They pumped poison out of him all day.

The following day, the doctor informed me that i was lucky i got mad and went straight to emergency.

He is 28 today and doing great. This could have been a malpractice if my son had passed on. After that we switched doctors.

Dear Tarboi22,

Thank you so much for sharing your heart trenching experience with appendicitis in your son.

Your story clearly demonstrate why it is important to be able to recognize the symptoms of acute appendicitis, as this condition is so common in many lands. In fact, surgical operation for acute appendicitis remains the most commonly performed abdominal surgery in the world.

Parents, guardians, teenagers, carers and the general population could help improve the chances of getting their symptoms and those of their children or ward diagnosed rightly and on time, if they can recognize the seven symptoms of acute appendicitis discussed here, though it ever remains the responsibility of the doctor to pick up such symptoms and signs as early as possible.

Thank you once more Tarboi22.

Best Wishes.

The Abdopain Team.

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