Please Help ! Upper Abdomin pain and hot flashes

by Lauren
(Ypsilanti, MI)

Please Help ! Upper Abdomin pain and hot flashes


I dont know what to do about a sudden onset that is starting to happen to me more and more often. Every few weeks to a month, I suddenly get a severe upper abdominal pain that is accompanied by the feeling of hotness around my face back and neck.

I turn all white in the face and start shaking. It has happened to me several times in public places and I must go into a bathroom, and splash water on my face and arms. I then must go into a stall where I take my shirt off in an effort to cool down. By now I am shaking and the pain is so intense. Its hard to breathe or talk. My back will feel a dull aching too.

This lasts anywhere from 10 to 2o min and then it starts to subside. Its so bad that I want an ambulance, but then its gone as suddenly as it comes on.

I have seen no common denominator as far as eating, supplements, or time of day that could be causing these episodes.

They are starting to happen more frequently now. I am a 43 yr old female and have type 2 diabetes that I manage with Metformin, and supplements like cinnamon and chromium picolinate.

This morning it happened at Dennys while I was waiting for my order. I took my sugar regulators before I went for breakfast.

I am otherwise healthy. I dont know what to do. I am in between jobs and have no insurance. NAy ideas what this may be?

Thanks, Lauren

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