by Andres Aparicio
(Santa Clarita, CA,USA)

I have never heard of this medication on would like to know more about it. I have tried all types from elavil and codiene to ms contin and oxycontin. I have two herniated discs, ulcerative this medication suitable and if so what doctor should I see about this?

Hi Andre.

Thanks for contacting us regarding Pethidine.
Yes. It is a strong pain killer, but often used only for short course treatments - like during labour/ childbirth, or around the time of surgery. It would certainly help with severe pain like the one you described, but the danger is that, if used continuously, ingredients from it could accumulate in the body and cause problems to your nerves. That will not be a desirable thing. So doctors do not use it for long term pain like yours.

Why not discuss with your doctors about other options for control of your pain like the use of medications like gabapentin or pregabalin along with narcotics you are already one, and then back these up with physiotherapy and perhaps TENS? What about getting a pain expert - doctors who specialize in pain control to see you?

The above options seem to be next sensible things to do, if they have not been done already.

Please let us now how you feel about this and if there is any other way we could help.

Thank you for visiting us here at and using our free online resource.

The Abdopain Team.

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