Pains in abdominal area

by L
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Well I have had vaginal discharge for a while now, it is white and smelly.

I thought it might be a yeast infection, so I took medicine that helps yeast infections, but it didn't go away. I also have this pain in my lower right abdominal area. It's not like a sharp pain but it does hurt, and when you press down on it sometimes, it feels like something is swollen.

I also feel dizzy sometimes. This next one may not be connected but when I wipe after a bowel movement I'm getting blood. Not like a ton of blood but some and it looks like fresh blood.

Dear L,

Thanks for sharing your concerns here. The symptoms you've described clearly suggests that you may be suffering from:

  1. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
  2. Pile (hemorrhoids) or Anal fissure

Pelvic inflammatory disease is a condition where an infection spreads upwards from the vagina to the womb, tubes and ovaries. It causes a dull continuous lower abdominal pain, feeling of being unwell in some cases, vaginal discharge, pain during sex, and as you described, pain in the lower abdomen on pressing on it.

It is a very common condition in sexually active women. It is very treatable. If left untreated, this can damage the surface of the womb (uterine synechae) and the tubes, leading to infertility and chronic abdominal pain (chronic PID).

You can read more on PID and how it is treated here.

On the other condition, you will need to be examined to be sure that you do not have anything more serious than piles or anal fissure. Is there pain with the bleeding in your anus? Are you currently constipated? Weight loss? What about your appetite?

I will strongly suggest you see your doctor to check you out on both symptoms and start some treatment right away.

Please let us know if there is any other way we can help and thanks again for using our free online resource here at

Best Wishes.

Dr Edema

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