Pain on the Upper right side

Hello, my name is Kirtee and I am 24 years old. Its been 2 weeks since i got a sudden sharp pain near my right rib. The pain subsided but recently it spread to my upper back and i feel occasional sharp pain in my right breast. Its been annoying as i feel bloated and i get a burning sensation on the upper right side near the rib.

Its been a year I have had left ovarian cyst laparoscopic
surgery and have been fine post surgery. I had a complete abdomen scan before the surgery and it revealed that everything else was normal except the Cyst. After its removal, i am better and still on medication, MINESSE.

The pain under my rib has started and its been a bit difficult to breathe at times as i feel the pain sharper and i feel my right nipple getting stretched!!

Please help.


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