Pain on the lower right side


I had a bad pain on my lower right abdomen for about 7yrs before i was diagnosed with appendicitis. i would have a very bad pain any time i stood for long. 5 years after the appendectomy i still have the pain when i stand for long, which subsides significantly when i rest.

Now the pain is much on the upper side, until i have to keep looking for a sitting position. right under the ribcage there is a burning sensation. when i pass stool or gas the pain goes away.

kindly advise.



The abdominal pain you've described very well sounds like that from Myofascial Pain Syndrome. This is however a diagnosis made after all other possible causes of abdominal pain has been excluded either from the story of by way of lab tests and scans.

You can download more information on myofascial pain syndrome on the right hand column of this page.

Please let us know if that very well describes the type of pain you have.

Kind Regards.

The Abdopain Team.

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