pain on right side of belly button

by Kelly

I have been having a pain on the right side of my belly button for a few weeks now.

It is getting worse, sometimes the pain will shoot up under my right breast. The pain near my belly button feels like there is something in there and it is swollen and is contracting or moving around.

The pain is moderate but not severe. I went to the Dr. and she said she didn't feel anything. She also said she did not think it was my gall bladder because it did not hurt when she pushed under my right rib area.

I have terrible belching (but that has been going on for a lot longer) I have noticed when I eat the pain gets worse and I cannot sit down because it makes it hurt even more (like it is putting pressure on something) I am just trying not to eat and if I do I do not eat very much.

I am scared as to what this could be. I have a appt to have a CT scan done. But was just curious if anyone else has felt any of this.

Thanks very much for taking the time to read this.

Hello Kelly,

Pain on the right side of your belly button that shots up to your right breast, and worsened by eating sounds very much like pain possibly due to:
  • Gallstones
  • Reflux (Acid reflux also known as reflux oesoghagitis)
  • Stomach ulcer

Especially with the history of belching.

How old are you? Any significant unintended weight loss, what's your appetite like? what about your energy levels?

You will need ultrasound scan, or endoscopy or any other investigation as may be deemed necessary by your health care professional.

Meanwhile, have you found any medication that helps temporarily while you are being investigated for this pain on right side of belly button?

At the moment, some people find medications like Prevacid 30mg (Lansoprazole) 30mg or Prilosec 20mg (Omeprazole)taken every morning to be helpful, taken along side regular simple pain killers like while they await further investigations. Please discuss this option with your doctor.

Please keep us updated on how you went, what was the eventual diagnosis of this pain. You can also review other pain on right side of belly button here.

I hope this helps.

Looking forward to a completely well you!


Hey, I am 34 yrs old.

And sometimes I don't have an appetite but others I do. No weight loss, yet. But starting yesterday, I am having a little nausea and diarrhea.

Dont really know if that has anything to do with this or not. I had the CT scan but have not received any results yet.

Thanks for responding!


That helps. I asked for your age and any history of weight loss to exclude the possibility of a tumor. You are alright from that perspective.

Patients with Zollinger–Ellison syndrome could have these symptoms, with diarrhoea.

Please you do not need to worry, as the CT scan has been done. Let's wait for the result. Whatever it is, I am sure together, we will all work to crack it.

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